Monday, April 25, 2016

Interesting Links 25 April 2016

April vacation! Yes we do things different in New England. After this week we still have 7 to 8 weeks of school left. So this is a good time for a break. I hope to use some of it to work on some projects like writing up some of the assignments I have been using to make then sharable, cleaning my home office desk, and playing with some “toys” like my Kinect and a BBC Micro:Bit that showed up in an envelop with no return address.  For today I have a few links to share.

Bill Gates: Ed Tech Has Underachieved, But Better Days Are Ahead … via @EdMarketBrief He’s both right and wrong here. I think he still doesn’t get the culture of education, the need for more professional development and that new hardware and software is not the magic bullet  to “fix” education.

Root, the code-teaching robot Yet another "new idea" that seems familiar. Doesn't appear to be widely available. I’ll add it to me list of Robots For Teaching Programming when it shows up “in the wild.”

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