Monday, April 04, 2016

Interesting Links 3 April 2016

Some weeks the blog post ideas flow like water. And then there is last week. I don't know how Doug Peterson and Mark Guzdial manage to get something interesting to post every day. Or at least every weekday in Mark's case. At least I saw enough interesting things from other people last week to have things to share. So let’s get to it.

Oracle Academy Scholarship Application for First-Time CSTA Conference Attendees  Great opportunity for some teachers. Details and qualification information at that link.  

Xamarin now free in Visual Studio Develop on Linux and Windows for Windows and Linux. And MacOS if you have a Mac to work with.

Big Data Visualization: Review of the 20 Best Tools via @wearebluframe A lot more options than I was ever aware of.

"Choosing A Computer Major” CSTA Board member, @yadavaman shares his thoughts on the topic.

The BBC Micro:Bit will create entrepreneurs or so goes one theory. What do you think? It will continue to be interesting to watch what happens with these cute little devices.

Profiles: 8 women earned computer science degrees two decades ago — and here’s what happened next via @GeekWire Some interesting stories here.

"Controversial opinions" about programming from @dadgumjames : Great food for thought, especially the first.

BBC News - Do you have the brains for cybersecurity? Some interesting puzzles in cryptography. Challenges for you or your students perhaps?

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