Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Surface Pro 4 Unboxing

My Surface Pro 3 has been my constant companion and major computer workhouse ever since I got it over a year ago. It’s pretty much ideal for a school computer. I’m seeing more and more students carry them around the building all the time. So when the opportunity came to apply for the MIE Surface Experts program I jumped. I was accepted and today I received a Surface Education Expert Kit. I thought I might share the unboxing with you.

WP_20160420_001The outside of the box really highlights the inking features. That’s something I really want to start using more. I think the combination of projecting on the screen and writing by hand will let me do some things I have been thinking about but haven’t really done much yet.


Now my first look inside the box. Everything is neatly arraigned and pretty easy to find. I went with the small things first.



WP_20160420_003This is a wireless display adapter. I’m going to connect it for the LCD projector in my room. I’ve been using a mostly software solution to connect with our existing wireless connection but it’s been slow and doesn’t have all the functionality I’d like. Based on what I have heard this will be better. I’ll report on that soon.

WP_20160420_004Ok the computer is out of the box. It’s a little larger than my Surface Pro 3 but still very light. I think it is a pretty nice looking device. All smooth and clean. It’s got an Intel Core M3 processor and 4GB of RAM. Not exactly top of the line but should be more than adequate for school use.

WP_20160420_005Next up the Touch Keyboard. This seems to be upgraded from the keyboard I received with my Surface Pro 3. Blue is my favorite color. How did they know? It works very well and feels natural.



WP_20160420_007Here is a side by side look at the new Surface Pro 4 (on they right) next to my older Surface Pro 3 (on the left).

One unexpected difference is the Pro 4 supports Microsoft Hello – logging in by it recognizing my face. I need to try that once the software installs are finished.

WP_20160420_006And there are some marketing materials. I’m planning on doing a show and tell for the teachers in my school soon. We’re buying new faculty computers for next year. I think there is will be a lot of interest in inking as time goes on and teachers see what you can do with it.

As I write this software installations of Office 365 and Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 are taking place. Open Live Writer for blogging is already installed and I have connected it to my OneDrive. More updates after I’ve run it through it’s paces.


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Mike Zamansky said...

I played a bit with a surface 3 pro and really wanted to like it (personal Linux and CLI bias notwithstanding) but found too many annoyances. I wonder if the surface 4 solves them.

The big one was that it wasn't instant on which is important for a tablet. The second was that it wasn't quite big enough to be a laptop (keyboard wise) but the operating system wasn't optimized for a tablet experience.

Loved the form factor / cover keyboard and stylus though.