Monday, September 12, 2016

Interesting Links 12 September 2016

Is everyone back at school now? After a couple of short weeks school happens all five weekdays this week. I think I’m ready for a full week. Getting back into the full swing of things takes me a while. Looking around school I am not the only one. Hopefully you are all doing fine. Here are a few links to get your week started,.

PiBakery Dramatically Simplifies Setting Up the Raspberry Pi Looks like some useful software for people using the Raspberry Pi.

Photo published for PiBakery Dramatically Simplifies Setting Up the Raspberry Pi

What's an algorithm? by Harvard’s  David J. Malan   I may use this in class.

Using Makey Makey with TouchDevelop looks fun and easy

This Walmart Worker Built The Company An App In His Spare Time via @cora @buzzfeednews Are we in the golden age of the non-professional developer? Maybe we are.

Microsoft is betting that a more neurodiverse workforce is better for business by Vauhini Vara via @FastCompany About a special program to recruit and retain employees on the Autism spectrum.

Students ask me why people create new programming languages regularly. In this article developers of emerging programming languages shed light on their thinking. 3 New Programming Languages: What Their Creators Say

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