Monday, October 17, 2016

Interesting Links 17 October 2016

Lots of announcements from the Computer Science Teachers Association this past week. We’ll start with them for this week’s links.

NCWIT: Recognizing females in high school in Computer Science by @dougbergmanUSA Talks about the 2017 Award for Aspirations in Computing  for high school girls.

Bill the Lizard: Books Programmers Don't Really Read – an interesting look at some books that programmers read or say they read. 

Ford CEO Mark Fields on self-driving cars and Henry Ford   Is Ford a technology company? Where does code fit in? A lot of interesting things in this interview.

Using Minecraft in Education: 30 ideas for using Minecraft in the classroom 

What Makes a Program Elegant?  Software developers are always talking about elegant code but I’ve never been sure what that means. This article gives some idea of how one person looks at the idea.

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