Monday, October 03, 2016

Interesting Links 3 October 2016

It’s autumn in New Hampshire. The leaves are turning all sorts of bright colors and the nights are getting cool. And school is rolling right along. It’s a great time of year I hope your years is also going well. And to my Jewish friends Shana Tova as you celebrate the new year.

I didn’t blog much last week but I did collect some good links to share. Some of them I will be writing more about this week.

Harvard professor Venkatesh Murthy and his team are teaching computers to detect odors: Sounds pretty cool to me. I wonder what unexpected things this will lead to.

Lots of new in Artificial Intelligence these days. Internal email: Microsoft forms new 5,000-person AI division; via @GeekWire

And then there is this - Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft come together to create historic Partnership on AI via @techcrunch Is this good news or bad? I know some people who worry either about AI in general or these companies working on it in particular. What do you think?

'Geek gene' denied: If you find computer science hard, it's your fault (or your teacher's)  via @theregister Of course a lot of people want to believe in a geek gene. Do you?

Make a micro:bit guitar with this guided tutorial! This looks like such a wonderful maker-style project. If you are in the UK or otherwise have access to a BBC Micro:Bit you will really want to check this one out.guitar design samples

Melinda Gates Has a New Mission: Women in Tech” by @jessiwrites Gates money and energy involved in getting more women in technology? This may be interesting.

Network servers learning from bees?  Awesome! It appears that nature still has a lot to teach us. Even involving computing and leading edge stuff like balancing servers.

What is Computational Thinking? and interview with Jeannette Wing now at Microsoft Research and previously at Carnegie Mellon University.

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