Monday, October 10, 2016

Interesting Links 10 October 2016

It is Columbus Day in New Hampshire. Or as my family likes to say “Leif Landed First Day.” I’ve been enjoying visiting the amazing fall foliage in northern New Hampshire with my family this long weekend. (No school for us today). Last week I found more things I wanted to write more about than usual but I saved a few good links to share today.

First off some news about awards in computer science. Give some thought to applying for the second one. Separate awards for K-5, middle school and high school computer science teachers. Know someone who deserves recognition? Pass this along.

Desperately seeking the Nobel Prize for computer science   Apparently there are people pushing for a Nobel Prize in Computer Science. Is the Turing Prize enough or should their be a Nobel Prize?

Have your heard about the new  Awards for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science? (Note I am ineligible as I am on the CSTA Board but I want to make sure this reaches the wonderful teachers who read this blog.)

The 2016 Infosys Foundation USA/ACM/CSTA Awards for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science recognize talented computer science teachers at the pre-university (K-12) level around the world.  Up to ten (10) winners will be selected from eligible entries, and each will be awarded a prize of $10,000.
The application period for the 2016 award opens October 1, 2016 and closes November 1, 2016. Winners will be announced in December, 2016, and prizes will be awarded at the 2017 CSTA Annual Conference.

I ran into two very interesting articles about gathering information. I see these as great discussion starters about topics like privacy and how data can be used.

NFL reportedly using ball tracking chips in pre-season games via @engadget

Apple keeps track of all the phone numbers you contact using iMessage  via @macworld

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