Monday, October 24, 2016

Interesting Links 24 October 2016

The two big news event around computer science last week were the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Dyn and the release of the new K-12 Computer Science Curriculum framework. The DDoS attack was local news for me. Dyn is located not far from where I teach and where I will be taking students for a hackathon in a few days. While I’ll be talking about the DDoS attack with my students the longest lasting news for CS education is the framework so I’ll start with a few links about that.

 Introducing the K–12 Computer Science Framework, a milestone for CS education – this is the announcement as posted by Code.Org

One of the many gifts the K12 CS Framework provides -> a glossary of CS terms!

Educators, Organizations Develop K-12 Computer Science Framework This is one of many articles about the framework. I like this one because I was interviewed for it and quoted. Smile 

Cozmo looks like a fun robot. An interesting look into how Artificial Intelligence will help robots be companions perhaps. A good thing or a bad thing? Or just a thing?

How Your First Programming Language Warps Your Brain I’m not sure I buy the premise as given in the title. What do you think?

How I'd teach computer science by @davewiner Great idea. I think a lot of university courses do this already. It’s always interesting to hear/read the thoughts of how to teach CS from people who don’t actually teach CS themselves.

Don’t forget that the  2017 CSTA Conference Call for Proposals is now open!

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