Monday, October 15, 2012

Apps4VA Hackathons

My friend Ed Donahue asked me to pass along some information about Apps4VA and their upcoming hackathons this weekend. Apps4VA sounds pretty cool so I am happy to oblige. Note: Most of what follows is copied with permission from Ed’s blog at Apps4VA Hackathons

What is Apps4VA?

The Apps4VA program challenges the public to develop software applications (apps) that will use or analyze education information in unique ways – in other words, make a great app that helps us understand the nature or impact of educational reach. Apps4VA is sponsoring several unique programs and competitions and more than $25K in cash and prizes is up for grabs.

On October 19-20, Apps4VA will host a series of hackathons across Virginia that challenges participants to create apps that improve education using this data catalog. There will be 5 locations hosting the hackathons:

If you can’t attend in person,  consider entering the Open Competition or contributing to the Idea Bank!

Now, for the most important part: the prizes! The grand prize is $1500! At each location there will be a First Prize: $750 and there will be a Hacker’s Choice Prize: $250. In addition, the local hosts and sponsors will have other prizes including the chance to win some Windows Phones for people who develop a Windows 8 app! Yay!!

Here are some resources to help get you started with developing your submission:

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