Friday, October 12, 2012

HS Computer Science Honor Society Survey

There has been talk about a high school computer science honor society among the high school CS education community for years. For the most part it hasn’t gotten past the talking stage. These days it looks like it might go farther. After seeing a post on the Advanced Placement Computer Science forums I asked Doug Bergman for more information that I could post. Doug sent me the following which includes a link to a survey that will be used to help direct the creation and constitution of this new national computer honor society.

Dear CS Teacher, We are excited to be in the early stages of getting off the ground a National Honor Society for Computer Science! And we need your help! The answers you provide on this survey will be used to create a constitution for a new national computer honor society.

We plan on modeling our constitution upon Upsilon Pi Epsilon’s constitution, which is the college and university’s national computer science honor society. The provisional name for our society is Zeta Omicron. The answers you provided here will be reviewed by the provisional board and used to write our constitution. The provisional board consists of Doug Bergman, Thomas Cooper, Bill Danklau and Rebecca Dovi.

Once we have a rough draft for the constitution, we will share the document with those interested in being initial members of our national honor society. The survey will be open through October 20th. We will then review submissions and write a rough draft for our constitution.

If you are interested in helping with the development of our constitution or participating in this initial year trial, please email us. Thomas will be our initial point of contact:

Survey link:


Robin611 said...

Has there been any update on this? Any idea when the honor society might actually begin? Thanks!

Alfred C Thompson II said...

I haven't heard anything recently. I need to look into it.