Thursday, October 11, 2012

Top Computer Science Educators on Twitter

I’ve been maintaining a very loosely curated list of computer science educators and resources on Twitter for a while now. I make no claim that it includes everyone and I am sure I am missing some great people. I’ve really had a focus on people who create content for the K12 CS audience and a few others so there are no doubt some university faculty who should be on this list. I’m open to adding more names to the list if people let me know who should be on it.

But in the spirit of everyone else is making lists I decided to spend some time today going through that list and checking everyone’s Klout rating. Now Klout is far from perfect. If it was I’d have a higher score. Smile But it is one measure. After collecting close to 80 scores (some people for various reasons do not show up on Klout) I sorted by score. Here are the top 11 accounts (there was a tie at 10th) for your amusement.If anyone wants to see the whole spreadsheet send me an email at ACT2 @



Klout Score

Sue Black @Dr_Black


Peter Vogel @PeterVogel


Gail Carmichael @gailcarmichael


Doug Peterson @dougpete


Mark Guzdial @guzdial


Leigh Sudol-DeLyser @lsudol


Alfred Thompson @alfredtwo


Geoff Knauth @gknauth


Ben Chun @benchun


Eugene Wallingford @wallingf


Rob Miles @robmiles



Unknown said...

I need to work on my klout rating. :)

Stephen Downes said...

They have the highest Klout scores (of the people you sampled). It does not follow that they are the 'top' (and wouldn't follow, even if you sampled all computer science educators).

Alfred Thompson said...

My first thought was to build a list based on my personal opinion. That would have been a much different list. I decided that Klout was at least an independent third party. I wish there were a better way to do things.
Laura your Klout rating is fine. You don't get the attention your should though. I never fail to read your blog and have you on my "Must Follow" twitter list.