Monday, October 15, 2012

Interesting Links 15 October 2012


Happy Monday. Hope you had a good weekend. One of the things I did was to attend the New Hampshire TechFest at a local high school. NH TechFest is an annual event that brings together a large number of companies and colleges/universities to show technology to students to try to encourage them to study STEM fields. iRobot was there with both some consumer robots and the military grade robot on the right of this post. Also the FBI Crime Lab which had a steady stream of visitors hearing how they use science the solve crimes. TechFest is a great event run by volunteers. I wish more places did things like this.

Things Great Engineers (almost) Never Say - The explanations are what makes this a good article. As I read this I thought that students tend to say a lot of these things and think they are ok. Make a good discussion point.

The game of life emulated in the game of life is a visual look at Conway’s Game of Life. Have you used  Life as a project? I have and really like it. 

I hope you saw my post about the proposed HS Computer Science Honor Society and associated Survey for teachers?

Good things come to those who wait - a tale of promoting CS education week in one school district on the CSTA blog.

There is a nice article about Maria Klawe titled How to get girls psyched about CS at Fortune Online.

Why Don’t We Make Learning A Computer Language A Requirement In High School? is an interesting post by Brad Feld. There are about 150 comments already.

Did you hear that Kinect for Windows has released an SDK update?

A computer teacher talks about how they explain to students that 32767 plus 1 equals minus 32768. How do you do it?

I’d never heard of the expression Snowflake Code before I came across the post Please Don't Write Snowflake Code. It’s an interesting plea to write code that isn’t too one of a kind and why.

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