Friday, December 12, 2014

Dot and Dash–My New Robots

I got some robots the other night. Dot and Dash come from Wonder Workshop which is a Kickstarter project I backed. That is Dot on the right and Dash on the left in the picture below.


Right now I am programing them using a version of Blockly for iOS. I guess it is a good thing I picked up that iPad a while back. More APIs and a version for Android are promised. There are several apps for iOS available besides Blockly. Blockly seems about right for my students though.

Since I just got them I haven’t fully thought out how I will use them yet. I did demo them for a couple of classes though. We talked about how simple the instructions were especially compared to the process people use for walking around a room. And we talked about limited sensors as well as interpreting data from sensors.

The students like them immediately. Emile RobotsThe girls all think they are cute. The boys are a little more reserved but are also interested in them. I had one student come into the computer lab during his free period. I did a demo and the next thing I knew the iPad was in his hands and he was figuring out Blockly and getting the robot (Dash) to move a round in different ways.

I think that they will attract interest from a lot of students. There are many students who get more excited moving physical objects around than they do moving pixels around on the screen. These robots may be a good way to motivate and interest those students.

Now if only there was a Windows API. Or perhaps a TouchDevelop interface. A guy can dream.


Garth said...

I have some Mindstorms robots sitting around collecting dust. I have found a Python driver for them. Next semester the sophomores are going to do turtle graphics with them. I better get some rolls of butcher paper or the janitors will be a bit upset. I love toys, especially when kids have to think in order to play with them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alfred,

I found your blog through a repost by the ACM.

I was wondering how you felt about featuring a comic about Grace Hopper? this comic in that section?

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Let me know what you think.

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Alfred C Thompson II said...

Loved the story of Grace Hopper. Will include it in my links post on Monday.