Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Faces of Computing Competition

As a member of the CSTA Equity Committee I am please to pass along the announcement of our annual Faces of Computing Competition.

In honor of CSEdWeek, CSTA will be hosting its annual video competition. This year's theme will be "Computing for the Common Good." We are encouraging entries to show groups of students showcasing how computing is used to better the world. The video could promote their schools' computer science program and the ways it works to teach computing for good; it could demonstrate a potential or completed computer science project that exemplifies the theme; or it could highlight existing ways that computing is a force for good in any field. Another area to consider is volunteering in a way that involves computing. For example, maybe you work on a Wikipedia project or work with a non-profit on their website or managing data. These, too, can be included in the theme of Computing for the Common Good. The format of the video can be a commercial, a trailer, a public service announcement, or simply informational.

Need inspiration? Check out Mina Theofilatou's blog post on creating projects that contribute to helping others. She writes about the impact computing has on the medical field and on ways it can contribute to humanitarian efforts such as feeding people. She also wrote about a mobile app to help young people who get lost and need help getting home. These are great examples of ways computing can be put to use in ways that contribute something significant to society.


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