Monday, September 21, 2015

Interesting Links 21 September 2015

Lots of CS education news last week. New York City starts a ten year effort to get computer science education in everyone of the city’s 1700 schools. Mayor Bill deBlasio announced a 10-year plan to put Computer Science in every grade, at every school in NYC:  Microsoft announces $75 million\ to support CS education world-wide. And CSTA had some minor announcements as well. We’ll start of with CSTA I think.

Lots of people put in their two cents on the New York City plan. Leigh Ann Sudol who is involved with the effort talks about it on her blog - Why #CS4All Won't Be Your Flavor of CS: It Will Be More Hoping to answer some Qs around K12 CS in NYC

This paper is interesting - Just putting programs out there is not equity: "They cant find us: The Search for Informal CS Ed" – tl;dr Common search terms by people who are not already computer savvy  don’t find resources for kids to learn computer science or programming. It gives one some though for when they set up web pages.

Germany Considers Compulsory Computer Science Classes One of my online correspondents is skeptical since in Germany as in the US the states not the Federal government sets standards. But clearly people are talking about this everywhere these days.

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