Monday, September 14, 2015

Interesting links 14 September 2015

Last week was fun. I have great students. One thing I did this week was to create a scaffold program for my Honors Programming students. Just a basic user interface so what we could focus on the code behind – specifically if statements. I had it all done when I realized I had created a Visual Basic project for students who would be programming in C#. Whoops!

Fortunately in Visual Studio I can copy one form and its objects into a form in a project written in a different language so I didn’t lose much time.  This is just the sort of error I warn students about. Rushing is bad.

So take some time to look though this list. And remember this is Connected Educator Month. How are you connecting with other educators?

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In many ways the UK is far ahead of the US in requiring computer science education at all levels. It is not all rosy though - Want your kids to learn coding? Train the darn teachers first 

Speaking of professional development:

Looking for competitions for your students? Did you see the announcement of the  Bebras Computing Challenge

 In other curriculum news, Code.Org announced that they have made many updates to their CSP curriculum this fall. Check out

Will Software that Writes Code Alter Tech's Script? | News | Communications of the ACM …

End of Summer Fun with FunSharp (Channel 9) Some I’m still trying to find time to learn all about it.

For Arkansas computer science educators there is a Computer Science Leadership Summit October 8 Wish I could be there.

Just for fun - Computer Science Courses that Don't Exist, But Should  what do you think? Any to add?

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Garth said...

Course that don't exist but should.
CSED 231: The rest of Computer Science for High School Teachers: CS without programming. There is more to CS than programming.

CSED 142: CS for Business Teachers: How to go from keyboarding and Excel to teaching CS in two weeks. Remember the contract said "and other duties as assigned."

CSED 499: CS and your Administration: Convincing your high school administration computers have a future and students should have some training in them. A one week course on how to do presentations to your administration on the career opportunities available in CS and why it would be important to prepare students for this future.

These course are suggested by incidents I have seen or heard of in Montana. They do not seem to be unique to Montana. I personally would like to see the CSED 231.become a real course.