Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bebras Computing Challenge

This is a new one to me but it looks interesting. I like that it runs down to grades lower than high school.

In 2014, almost a million participants across 34 countries participated in the Bebras Computing Challenge. It's a free quiz that requires no studying or preparation, and showcases the key computing concepts to participants. This year, it's available between 9 - 20 November and sports an entirely new set of fascinating challenges.

The Bebras Challenge is a fun, online event that lets participants apply logical and computational thinking to solve 15 different tasks within 45 minutes. It demonstrates how integrated computing concepts are in our daily lives -- it might even motivate some students to pursue the field. Each student gets a score and a certificate, which the teacher can download together with an answer sheet for a classroom discussion of the tasks.

Everyone in grades 5-12 can participate, regardless of whether or not they have strong interest or skills in math, science, or computing. There are four different challenges with varied-difficulty and age appropriate tasks to make the challenge a fun experience for everyone. Students can participate on any time in the given two weeks and only need a browser or a computer or tablet with an internet connection. No special setup is required.

It takes less than one minute to sign up as a teacher; do so by visiting 

Find previous Bebras tasks online at:
Give one (or even all four) a try and see what you think!

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