Monday, September 07, 2015

Interesting Links 7 September 2015

Labor Day weekend in the US. A four day weekend and I am exhausted from it. Maybe I need to get back to school to rest up. OK not really but it has been a busy weekend. Lots to do around the house as well as some quality time with my son on golf  courses. Plus – bonus – some good time with my grandson. Fortunately I collected links before the weekend started.

First off a couple of “in case you missed it” links to important announcements I blogged about last week:

Last week I added blogs to my Computer Science Education blog roll  including @AJudkis @AngelaYake @KTOCompSci @kellytechclass These are teachers from the pilot adapting Harvard’s CS50 course to AP CS Principles.

Troll- Shane Koyczan This is a powerful animated reading of a poem about Internet trolls. 

Building your own Windows 10 Web Browser It’s easier than you might think. Maybe a good way to motivate some students.  

Coding for the Common Core: 15 iPad Coding Apps for K-5+ I think  I have most of these listed elsewhere but there are some that are new to me.  

Introduction to LMC 'Little Man Computer'. Great way to explore the 'Fetch-execute cycle'

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Free K-5 Coding Workshop for Arkansas Teachers

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