Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Want a Job Expanding Computer Science Education?

The TEALS program ( is looking for regional managers to help them expand their program of placing industry professionals in schools to work with teachers developing and growing CS programs and teachers in schools. They are looking for people in San Francisco/Bay Area, LA, New York City, Boston, Virginia/DC, Phoenix, and Seattle. Full job description at

In brief:

TEALS is seeking a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit who is passionate about computer science education in high schools. Candidates should be interested in helping to grow and scale the program in their region.

The regional manager is responsible for the region specific management and implementation of TEALS including, but not limited to:

  1. Technical recruiting and relationship management
    1. Recruit TEALS volunteer teachers. Speak at companies, conferences.
    2. Build and maintain relationship with tech companies, and grassroots recruitment of engineering volunteers.
    3. Conduct interviews and placement of volunteers within the region as well as management of volunteers.
    4. Understands the technology industry and work environment.
  2. School relationship management
    1. Recruit, vet, and onboard schools.
    2. Maintain relationship with school district administrators, school building principals, counselors, schools, foundation, and in‐service teachers.
    3. Foster the importance of CS education within the region’s school community.
  3. Teacher training and mentoring
    1. Train and mentor volunteers, and work with education partners.
    2. Visit school sites and providing feedback to volunteers.
    3. Conduct local teacher meetups and team check-ins.
    4. Support volunteers during the school year.
  4. Program management and operations
    1. Manage day to day running of region including budgeting and execution of program against regional plan.
    2. Drive excitement for CS education for students, schools, and volunteers with events and incentives.
    3. Build and maintain regional nonprofit relationships.

The ideal candidate will have a background in computer science with either a major or minor. Additionally, the candidate should have some classroom teaching experience and understanding of the school system and ability to navigate it.


Garth said...

Tempting. Too bad it is in Seattle. About a million too many people.

Alfred Thompson said...

I hear you one that. Crowds are not for everyone.

Unknown said...

Hey Garth, TEALS is not just in urban Seattle, but out in the 'burbs too. Maybe not a one-room schoolhouse, but not the urban core either.