Monday, November 16, 2015

Interesting Links 16 November 2015

Last week was loaded with interesting things flowing from blogs, twitter, Facebook and email. When I first put this post together I realized it was so long that no one would read it all.  I decided I would break it up into sections and post one a day. Seems like if I post twice in one day one of the posts gets largely ignored. Different quality or bad timing? I’m not sure. We’ll see how this goes. I decided the first post should focus on links to teachers for teachers.

First two lessons and reflections from Dawn DuPriest


Computer Science Education week for Existing Programs by Rebecca Dovi – Computer Science Education week is a lot more than just an Hour of Code. If you are looking for ideas for the week for your existing CS classes, this post may be helpful.

Computer Science - Children's Reading List Books for and about computer science broken down by grade level by Rebecca Dovi of @codeVirginia She prepared it for librarians. Maybe your school librarian should take a look?

Announcing def hacks("Winter",2015) For NYC high school coders with @zamansky

What they don't learn in college - Other People's Code – an interesting project from Mike Zamansky.

   “A Different Approach to Coding” by Mitchel Resnick from MIT Media Lab and Scratch

Programming With Blocks and Drag and Drop Programming One of my most read posts has been updated with the addition of a link to Beetle Blocks a 3d programming language.


Garth said...

The Minecraft looks interesting (I definitely need more "interesting") but it does not appear to be free. Major glitch.

Alfred C Thompson II said...

I hear you can get the Raspberry PI edition for free. Assumes you have a Raspberry PI of course.