Monday, November 30, 2015

Interesting Links 30 November 2015

Last week was busy on a personal level with some great family time. I even got to babysit my 14-month old grandson while everyone else when shopping. Double win. Time with the grandson and avoiding the shopping. Professionally it was quiet with only two days of school (one of which I missed with a sick day – fine now) and not much going on on the internet.

The big news for CS related education was probably the announcement of the new Raspberry Pi Zero which is already sold out. I wrote a bit of a cautionary post on that (How Much Does a $5 Computer Cost? ) last week. Sure I ordered one but I’m withholding judgment on how good it will be as an education tool.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new project book. I may have to get this. I have two Pis already and really need to find something useful to do with them. Especially with a third on the way. Can you say “oh, shinny object?”

Dawn DuPriest continues to knock out posts worth sharing. If she is not on your RSS list yet she should be.

Speaking of cautionary tales. Mark Guzdial had a post well worth reading called No Rich Child Left Behind, and Enriching the Rich: Why MOOCs are not improving education If you think MOOCs are the answer are you looking at the right problems?

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