Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Interesting Links 17 November 2015

Yesterday’s interesting links was all about links to educators and their blogs and resources. Today is about links from non profits and companies. Good stuff all. My UK readers will want to read the BBC MicroBit news down below.

Have you seen the Hour of Code stuff involving the new Star Wars movie from code.org?  Looks pretty good as do the new inspirational videos at that page.

EngageCSEdu offers intro CS course materials to engage diverse students. http://www.engage-csedu.org provided by NCWIT.

http://www.LeadCS.org - a website for K-12 education leaders in schools and looking to build, grow, or sustain computer science programs.

Ohbot2 - A Robot Head to program from your PC by Ohbot on @Kickstarter Anyone looking at these? What do you think about the idea?

Meet the award recipients of the first Microsoft HoloLens academic research grants  - HoloLens is Microsoft’s virtual reality system. They have given some grants to universities to create some interesting projects.

Read the latest BBC Micro:Bit information from Lee Stott in Microsoft’s UK education team.

BBC Micro:bit lessons with Touch Develop a large playlist of very short videos on the BBC Micro:Bit witl links to associated lessons.

Microsoft pilot programme to expand the reach of BBC micro:bit   Microsoft is going to buy a whole lot of extra Micro:Bits so that some lucky schools will have some very enhanced opportunities with the devices.

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Garth said...

Hour of code with Minecraft. Kids might like this on too.