Monday, November 09, 2015

Interesting Links 7 November 2015

I spent the last few days in Phoenix Arizona at the fall board meeting of the Computer Science Teachers Association. It was a very busy couple of days and I got home late last night. Tonight and tomorrow night my school has parent teacher conferences. I actually really like parent teacher conferences but I think I’m really going to need Wednesday off. 

I did collect a lot of good links to share last week and I’m sure they are more interesting than reading about me. So let’s begin.

NSA Day of Cyber is an effort to  raise the National IQ for STEM and Cyber Science run by the US National Se3curity Agency. Yes, that NSA. It looks pretty interesting and worth you looking at.

I found this video of DigiGirlz trying out HoloLens at a developer education session  interesting. The DigiGirlz program is from Microsoft in an effort to get more girls interested in computer science and STEM. You may want to look and see if they have events in your area. HoloLens is a virtual reality device. It was fun to hear the girls reactions to and opinions of this new technology. What does VR mean for the future? A good topic for discussion.

Windows shortcut keys every educator should know – actually anyone who uses Windows should learn these. I know they save me time every day. 

Programmers: Stop Calling Yourselves Engineers I’ve seen a lot of discussion about that article by Ian Bogost. It may start some conversations in your classroom as well. 

What does a CS methods class look like? Mark Guzdial shares the syllabus for a course in computer science teaching methods that he conducted. Is this how you see one running? Have better examples? 

Still No African-Americans Taking the AP Computer Science Exam in Nine States  via @educationweek The interactive charts are very useful. This is based on work by Barbara Ericson at Georgia Tech.

Do We Still Need Computer Science Teachers? That is the question I ask and try to answer on the CSTA Blog. Drop by and leave a comment of agreement or disagreement. Love to read your opinion. 

Academic Computer Science is Not University IT Eugene Wallingford lays out a problem I see at a lot of high schools as well as universities. The conflict that comes from trying to run a network for teaching and learning when that network is under the control of people in network management not education. 

Installing XNA with Visual Studio 2015 : If you have been using XNA for game development and want to continue with the latest version of Visual Studio this is a post to bookmark.

Hadi Partovi speaking at ISTE: Teach computer science to all students

All Kids Code: Are Code Academies Nonsense? A slightly controversial topic in some circles.


The Bebras Challenge; 1-hr adventure in the world of CS! Your 5-12 grade students can participate tween 11/9-11/20:


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