Thursday, January 28, 2016

Are You Teaching Cloud Computing to HS Students?

Looking to learn from CS teachers. I hate reinventing the wheel.  One of the things I would like to learn more about is teaching the use of cloud services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure to high school students.  I’d probably do this as part of a mobile applications development course. I’m not sure if I want to develop apps that store data in the cloud, apps that run in the cloud, or a bit of both. Honestly  I’m early in my own learning here.

So what I am looking for is people who are already teaching these things to high school students and/or curriculum that others have created that can be used with high school students. High school students are not professional developers so resources that are developed for professionals often doesn’t work well with students.

Who can help me? What resources are good for beginner developers? HELP!

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Garth said...

I am with you. I know zip and would really like to know more. I have a feeling Microsoft could give an eight hour course for teachers on Azure. From what little I have seen I do not see how it would be an improvement on what we do (or do not do) now but to know what teacher have done with it.