Monday, January 25, 2016

Interesting Links 25 January 2016

THe school year is pretty much half over for me. Last week we wrapped up the first semester exams. I give semester projects, which inspired some posts in the last week or so, and spent a good amount of time grading them. Today I meet a new batch of students for the spring semester. Oh boy! In between grading I did pick up some links to share. Enjoy!

  Intro to SmallBasic is the first of several new videos by a teacher who uses Small Basic to teach programming.

  What's the impact of the Hour of Code? It goes way beyond an Hour  as explained in’s annual report on the 2015 event during CS Education Week.

Things to do and not to do in which Doug Peterson ( @dougpete) talks about things to do with creating teacher blogs - do you have one yet?

Online safety resources from Microsoft – some good stuff I plan to use with students. These are the 25 worst passwords of 2015 I display these in my lab and discuss them with students. Happy to have the updated list for the start of the new semester.

Announcing Minecraft: Education Edition via @playcraftlearn Microsoft bought MinecraftEdu which is a good thing for the future development and stability of educational Minecraft use.

British Columbia in Canada to add computer coding to school curriculum – another effort to watch. 

Doug Bergman’s newest BLOG post: Girls in Computer Science: Why it matters

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