Monday, January 04, 2016

Interesting Links 4 January 2016

Happy New Year! Happy 11111100000! Today is forst day back at school. I didn’t get to everything I wanted to do over the break but I did start playing with some wi-fi enabled light bulbs. Hoping this will be the start of getting serious with Internet of Things development for me.
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I did some thinking about Computer Science Education Things to Watch in 2016. It probably means I’ll have to review it all at the end of the year.
Teaching Coding - getting beyond superficial syntax  A good post by Mike Zamansky.
Arduino Final Projects by Middle Schoolers by Dawn DuPriest @DuPriestMath Cool stuff by younger students.
Your teacher blog by Doug Peterson  Really isn't it about time you shared what you are doing with others?
North Korea's 'Red Star' computer-operating system tracks its users A bit scary I think. A good reason to keep governments out of operating system control I think. 
Education Technology - A solution in search of a problem? What do you think? Interesting questions in this post.

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