Monday, October 22, 2012

Interesting Links 22 October 2012

Earthquake! Yes earthquakes are rare in New England where I live but we had one last week. Shook things up a bit. Not injuries or damage as it was a mild one as earthquakes go. Still it was the first one I have ever felt and it was an experience. In less earth shaking news I have a lot of links to share with you today. Lots of good stuff!

Do you know a high school girl who should get some recognition for her interests and achievement in computing?. The Aspirations in Computing Award wants you! Just under 10 days for applications.

Cool Schools: Students Building Apps For The Future A TV station highlights the smart phone and Windows 8 apps being created by Pat Yongpradit’s high school students. Great things happen when you point kids in a direction and let them at new technology.

Not sure if I am ready for Introducing Programming to Preschoolers A new Scratch Jr is being created to do just that. What do you think?

Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) is an outstanding teacher who readily adopts and uses technology in her teaching. But she had a great post last week reminding us that  You don't need another gadget to be a great teacher.

Free book! have I got your attention? A lot of students are learning C# these days but it seems like C++ is making a big comeback lately. How do you help with the transition from C# to C++? This book may help – learn with  C++ for C# Developers with 'C++ Succinctly". You have to register to get the free copy but I think that is a small price to pay.

New updated web site from the FBI - Cyber Safety Website for Teachers, Students

Tackling the tech gender gap by teaching girls to code reports on some good work being done in the Chicago area.

Review on Kinect Classroom trial -- Good stuff! “Kinect”ing with the students …

Great article from USA Today about women encouraging other women to go tech! Nice quote from my friend Ruthe Farmer (@ruthef) who is the chair for CS Education week (@csedweek)!

One good online way to share teaching resources - join the online AP Teacher Community in your subject area. You’ll get a lot out of the APCS teacher community if you are teaching computer science even if you are not teaching to the AP exam.

Kinect Games v2.5 using Kinect SDK v1.6 including source code via @drenton72

Bertrand Meyer has a pretty serious and interesting article called A fundamental duality of software engineering on the blog of the Communications of the ACM.

A pair of great posts by Eugene Wallingford last week

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