Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are You Ever Really Ready?

Last year I changed (improved I hope) every PowerPoint deck I used based on how the presentation when and how I realized I could make things more clear. Over the summer I revisited many of them and improved them some more. This morning and afternoon I revisited and updated the presentations I plan on for the first few days of school. Nothing is ever done.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is “Show Time” – the first real day with students. I’ve been though my scope and sequence documents over and over again. Each time hoping to make them better – more natural, more efficient, more able to help students learn. No doubt I’ll change it all again over the course of the semester.

I’m excited about new projection equipment which should make demos better. I’ve got ideas about making the class more interactive and student driven. So much good coming together this year. Time to rock and roll!

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