Monday, August 10, 2015

Interesting Links 10 August 2015

Interesting week last week. I spent a couple of days at Harvard (a liberal arts college in Cambridge MA) learning about their plans to adapt their famous CS 50 course to match the new AP CS Principles course. There is a wiki with resources for cs50 AP BTW  And I didn’t blog much. Then again I didn’t have much to say most of the week..

I added some blogs to my Computer Science Education Blog Roll including the following new blogs:

Look Who's Learning Too: 7 Mistakes I made whilst teaching Computing and what I'll do Next year. Great post by William Lou who is new to my RSS feed and CS educator blog roll.

I love Garth Flint’s take on making more of projects at Flipped Programming. A bit more involved look at a traffic light project. More than just code.

Scratch for budding computer scientists a good set of resources from Harvard where they use Scratch with undergrads. 

Things That Men Can Do To Be Real Allies For Women In Computing via blog@CACM and Communications of the ACM good suggestions from Valerie Barr.

I’ll wrap up for today with this thought from Chris Lehmann. Something to keep in mind as we design and grade projects this school year.

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