Monday, August 17, 2015

Interesting Links 17 August 2015

My summer break is almost over. Many of you are back already. Where does the time fly? Last week was interesting and I started (finally) to work on my course outlines for the coming year. Making some changes. Also Google announced a reorganization under the banner Alphabet with the website Someone, everyone suspects Microsoft, registered the domain which takes on to Geek humor!
A number of things that came my way last week resulted in blog posts of their own. If you missed them or haven't read the comments people left for me please go back and read them. Greater wisdom in the comments than my posts. Even still  I have a few individual links to share.
I know that some of my readers have jobs in tech that pay more than a teacher’s pay. You may want to think about Helping create a Saturday Hacking Space for kids  Mike Zamansky runs some good programs in NYC. Lien Diaz@Lien_Diaz from the College Board posted “Need ideas for back to school? Check out these nifty activities from #APCSP teachers: “ I've added vizwik and Actimator to my blog's list of drag and drop programming tools at the same time I complain about the number of them. Google for Education: Making it easier to engage and learn with Google Computer Science Education   via @googleforedu

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Mike Zamansky said...

Thanks for the mention Alfred. We're off to a good start (40% there) but there's a long way to go to get this thing open and available for the kids.