Monday, August 03, 2015

Interesting Links–3 August 2015

I’ve been hearing about teachers headed back to school already. Many more will be starting back over the next month. Almost three more weeks of “summer” for me but the learning never stops. I’ll be at a teacher boot camp at Harvard this week. More on that once it is over. In the mean time last week was a slow one for me only. Just a couple of things to share.

Microsoft Breaks a World Record at Imagine Coding Camps  And a good time was had by all apparently. I wonder how much long term impact these one off events actually make though. Has one of them influenced you or someone you know?

Everyone seems to think their way of programming should be learned by everyoine else. Really? Mark Guzdial takes on the issue at Why should non-CS majors learn functional programming

Up on the CSTA Advocate Blog last week-Board member, Sheena Vaidyanathan discusses "What do students think about coding?

Revenge porn:’ Putting victims back in control – Revenge porn is a big problem for the people effected. I have been thinking it might be worth including in social issues around Internet use. This article about what Microsoft is trying to do to help victims is an interesting read.

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