Monday, August 31, 2015

Interesting Links 31 August 2015

Well school is back for real now. I had students in class most of last week so we’re completely live. I have great students. My Honors Programming class has a bunch of self-starters who have learned a lot before they got to me. Challenging them is going to keep things interesting. Speaking of interesting, here are this weeks links to share.
Why I’m Not Looking to Hire Computer-Science Majors is an opinion piece in the New York Times last week. There was a bunch of discussion on Facebook about it.  Hadi Partovi has one of the best replies which he posted on Quopra some time ago at Does college make you a better coder? This issue keeps coming up. I thought about writing a whole blog post on it but Hadi says a lot very well. The advice I give students is to not limit themselves to what we cover in class.
Leigh Ann DeLyser doesn’t blog often enough in my opinion but when she does post her posts are worth reading. For example Jumping Back In – Academic Papers all CS Teachers Should Read
More cyber security professionals needed, but few CS grads available—especially women. The article on CNBC is The growing need for more women cyber sleuths
Using Cortana to interact with your customers (10 by 10) some useful information about adding Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant that is not available on Windows 10 as well as Windows phone. I need to get my IT person to upgrade my lab.
Apple retail chief Ahrendts thinks covert Apple Watch use in the classroom is a good idea None of the teachers I know agree with him. I think deliberate use is a fine thing. I have students look up answers to questions that come up in class discussion all the time. Using devices for cheating is not something I’d advocate for. 
MobileFusion: Research project turns regular mobile phone into 3D scanner – So far this is still a research project at Microsoft Research but I can see lots of great educational uses for this.

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