Thursday, June 27, 2013

Computer Science Education Act (CSEA)

This looks like a very good piece of legislation. The basic idea is not to create new programs or additional spending but to reduce barriers to creating more computer science programs. More information at About the Computer Science Education Act on the Computing in the Core website.
The Computer Science Education Act (CSEA) is a piece of legislation that has been introduced in the US House of Representatives that would make important changes to federal education laws to remove barriers to computer science in K-12 classrooms nationwide. Read a summary of the issues the bill addresses and what the bill does here., Computing in the Core and its members, and K-12 computer science education advocates support this bipartisan legislation.
The Computer Science Education Act would:
  • Amend the statutory definition of “core academic subjects” to add computer science
  • Define computer science
  • Add computer science to the academic subjects addressed by federal teacher professional development programs
This is something we can get behind by telling our Congressional representatives that they should co-sponsor and support this bill. My rep has already heard from me. Has yours heard from you?

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