Monday, June 10, 2013

Interesting Links 10 June 2013

Finals today and tomorrow. Wednesday is last day for faculty and I’m done with school for the summer. Big plans though. I want to make a lot of videos, create all of my speaking PowerPoints, get projects ready and generally be ready to hit the ground running when the new school year starts. Oh and take some time to relax as well. I’ll be posting the videos as I make them over the summer. Maybe that will get me some feedback to make them better. And I’ll try to collect useful links like the ones below.

Choose Computer Science  Nice video to encourage students to study CS.

Communications of the ACM highlights some software for  Automatically Grading Programming Homework from MIT and @MSFTResearch. Not sure how I feel about this. IF grading is the only goal fine. If understanding what students know and don’t know is the goal will this help? I guess I need more data. More on this at MIT’s web site Automatically grading programming homework

The nice people at Hewlett Packard who run the huge HS programming competition posted sample solutions for HP CodeWars 2013 problems. Now available at

AMA: Interview with Cryptographer, Computer Security Expert Jon Callas I met Jon when we both worked at Digital Equipment. Some years ago when I had a student who wanted to learn about cryptography as an independent study Jon was very helpful. This interview is an interesting read.

Tips from an AP Reader Good suggestions for APCS students. Read them, save them, and share them with your AP students in the future.

From the @koduteam: It's time to announce the arrival of additional Kodu curriculum materials for instructors!

The Challenge of Teaching Computer Science (in Brazil) By Steve Cooper, president of the CSTA, on the CSTA Blog.

How Kids Can Learn to Code About a Codecademy Kids for the iPad app to help more kids learn how to code. We’ll see how it develops.

The latest CS Bits & Bytes from NSF CISE with a focus on Multi-core processors.

Teknoteaching: programming in the classroom   An interview with Alan O’Donohoe, aka @teknoteacher, a computing teacher by @twistedsq

Girls left out of tech revolution at (New York) city schools. Pretty sad and all too common. 

Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) wrote about me on her blog at  How we can teach computer science to every age  with a link to a podcast interview we did together.

My blog post on Programming With Blocks continues to get a lot of traffic. I recently updated it with with two more programming tools.

We're Not Ready To Teach Kids To Code is about one of the huge problems in computer science education – untrained teachers.

With support from @google: K-12 educators: Learn how to program w/ Scratch in a free, online Creative Computing course.

Why more women in IT would benefit everyone Something I’ve been saying for a while.

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