Monday, June 24, 2013

Interesting Links 24 June 2013

Second year in a row I am not at ISTE this week. I understand that there are twice as many computer science sessions this year than last. That’s a good thing and something I believe that ISTE really needs to continue.  I hope to go to ISTE next year in Atlanta though. In the mean time I do have links to share with you all.

Ken Royal @kenroyal wrote a great post on Mobile Learning: Top 7 Recommendations  Digital-aged Instructional Technology tips.

Microsoft's innovative Project Spark to let users create, share games on Xbox One, 360, and Windows 8. Will this be the big new thing in game creation? Check out the Project Spark FAQ.

Teacher Education, not AP CS Good comments from Garth Flint on the need for more teacher education in computer science.

Partners in Learning Global Forum 2014 Celebrating the best of education in Barcelona! from Microsoft in Education

REACHING OUT TO CSTA's INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS Good read on the CSTA blog Looking for CS teachers around the world

Learning Scratch (playlist): is a great series of videos on using Scratch created by Laura Blankenship @lblanken

From @NCWIT: Learn How to Celebrate Girls in Computing in Your Region.

"Learning how to write a 3D soft engine from scratch in C#, TypeScript or JavaScript" Good read from Channel 9.

Have you seen the new Check it out. 

6 Tips To Integrate Coding In The Classroom has a lot of great ideas. via @teachthought

Peter Beens@pbeens Sent out a link to  pynguin - a Python Turtle Graphics Application. Well worth checking out if you are using or thinking about using Python in your classroom.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not there either. My PD this summer is focussed on the CSTA Conference in your neck of the woods. I'm glad to hear that there are more CS sessions. Hopefully the push is towards something substantial and results in a renewed interest in CS and computational thinking.