Monday, June 03, 2013

Interesting Links 3 June 2013

Finals start later this week. The school year is winding down and what a whirlwind it has been for me. I hit the ground running. Stumbled a bit here and there but I think we all do. Now that I am back in the groove I am looking forward to some serious planning time for next year. We’re creating two new courses to replace some that have just gotten dated. Lots of fun. But here now some links for you to look at.

First off a couple of articles I found that may be of interest for having discussions about “why computer science?”

Vicki Davis has a podcast series - Every classroom matters That is well worth taking a listen to. Yeah, I’m one of the people she has interviewed but there are a lot of other great people as well.

'A is for Array,' a kid's alphabet book for programming! Looks like a fun idea. I may have to pick up a copy.

Microsoft hints at replacement for XNA for Xbox One indie game creators  I'll be looking for more at this. Ever since XNA stopped updating (see XNA is Dead (or will be soon) I’ve been concerned that game development was taking a step backwards in terms of Microsoft support. Maybe there are good things ahead? I hope so.

Games4Learning Kinect Games v4 released (Word, Math Mages get AR, new NoNeed4Green and more)

Did you see my interview last winter on Anthony Salcito’s blog? " using computer science in ways that support learning other disciplines pays off in big ways.”

There is a follow up of sorts there more recently “Today, students want some context for their computer science. It has to have meaning to them.’

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