Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TouchDevelop Demo: Simple Turtle Graphics

My latest TouchDevelop video demo. In this one we use a simple turtle graphics program to demonstrate: Turtle graphics, a basic loop, and some TouchDevelop editing features that you will find useful.

Creating our first turtle graphics program using TouchDevelop

I found the mark function which I demo here to be very useful. It allows one to cut or copy sections of code very easily. Perhaps even more useful it lets you select some code and then surround it with other code such as a loop or an if block. This makes improving code very easy. You will see one example here as I first remove some duplicated code and then surround the remaining code with a loop making the program more simple and more powerful/useful at the same time.

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MGLearn said...

Alfred, where might I find your Touch Develop video tutorials?

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