Monday, September 28, 2015

Interesting Links 28 September 2015

Still a lot of news going on about New York City's plans as well as other places also looking at adding more computer science education. It seems like more and more people and places are jumping on the bandwagon. It will be interesting to see who pulls off what. And how well it works. Speaking of how well it works. Let’s start off with some news from ’s program evaluation is available in summary. It shows some promising results and some challenges Worth a read. Short answer: Adding more CS is not easy and it can be expensive. But it is doable with the right support.

Now a couple of posts about New York City. The first is a bit pessimistic while the second one from someone deeply involved is a bit more upbeat.

2015 Faces of Computing contest underway! Upload your video entries by November 7 for a chance to win!

Virtual BBC Micro:Bit Now in Beta – lots of resources for teachers who are going to be getting these cool little devices for their classroom. Plus something to play with for those of us who are curious about them. 

Australia will teach coding in schools, with a new update to the national curriculum! Will the US keep up nationally or just in some areas?

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Priyanka said...

Very interesting links.
How relevant is "hour of code" campaign by code. org?